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Changing lives through better workspace

How it All Began

The idea for DriveLife came from a simple reason. Our founders Malcolm and Ethan both suffered from never-ending back pain due to long working hours with their desk-job. After deep research, they still could not manage to find a solution that combines cost-effective, aesthetic and technology. So they decided to develop their own. They have decided to change the future of desk-job in Malaysia with a product that brought together innovations with the finest materials that is affordable to the general public.



Our founders aims to enhance the health and safety of people working long hours by the desk by providing innovative and well engineered ergonomic workspaces that eradicate back pain from its root. 



DriveLife has been on a mission to support desk-job workers back pain crisis at its root by providing a more comfortable working environment.

How We Made DriveLife Alpha Affordable

How on earth can we offer high-quality ergonomic chairs at a lower price than other brands? Simple. We focus on selling online, there are no middle men (retail stores, sellers and the like) and pass the savings on to you. Here's how we do that:

Hand Crafted Ergonomic Chair

Hand crafted in the factory

Free Delivered to Your Doorstep

Delivered to your doorstep

Home Office Workstation

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