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Rule Your Health, Rule Your Life.

The superior ergonomic chair that provides well-engineered lumbar support for your spine health. Just sit back and relax while your back pain disappear. Get ready to conquer your body, let yourself become more focused, intelligent, motivated.

DriveLife Alpha Ergonomic Chair
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5 star reviews

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Product Specifications


  • Base: Premium Polished Aluminium

  • Fabric: Premium PU leather & Korea Wintex breathable mesh


86cm(L) x 55.5cm(W) x 64.5cm(H)​


  • ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 (Type I, III) certified

  • Gas lift ANSI/BIFMA certified

  • Patented aluminium cable synchro-tilt mechanism

  • US verified patented 3D dynamic twin back support system

  • National patented 4D multifunctional button-free armrest


8 years extended warranty


Delivered to your doorstep within 6 weeks. Don't worry, it's free.

Key benefits of DriveLife Alpha

Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

Every part is adjustable

Sitting all day long is no longer a problem with DriveLife’s patented technology. Get ready to get rid of your back pain like never before.

DriveLife Alpha Ergonomic Chair

Twin back support

One back support is not enough. You need two to support you from all directions, easing every muscle strain and you will live your life without pain, for good.

Dynamic Back Lumbad Support

Separated dynamic lumbar support

DriveLife Alpha took inspiration from an angel, reimagining angel’s wings supporting your back, giving you the most comfortable sitting experience.

Best Ergonomic Chair in Malaysia

Features of DriveLife Alpha

Twin Back Support System

Symbolises an angel's wings. Delivering all-around comfort to adapt with your ever-changing posture through your day. One back support is not enough, you need two to make sure your back receives the best support.

Lumbar Support System

We realise that people with different heights and weights build vastly varying peak pressure pattern. A well designed ergonomic chair should distribute weight equally well for everyone. DriveLife Alpha’s back support is separated into two segments, giving you the most comfortable experience for your lumbar.

Seat Base & Backrest

Every compartment of DriveLife Alpha could be adjusted for it to adapt into your lifestyle; Height and angle of headrest, backrest height, armrest angle and height, seat height and depth; DriveLife Alpha was designed to support you no matter your size.

Grey Limbo

Dynamic Variable Headrest

Allows users to adjust height, angle while also providing an automatic flexible support to head.

Patented 4D Multifunctional Armrest

Fully adjustable in every dimension-height, width, angle inward & outward. Simply put your hands on the armrest and easily adjust it into your ideal position.

DriveLife Alpha Ergonomic Chair

A Combination Of Flexibility and Ergonomics

Yes, even the depth of your seat could be adjusted to fit your needs. Making DriveLife Ergonomic Chair officially fit for everyone.

Patented Dynamic Twin Back Supporting System

Dynamic back support that delivers all-around comfort and supports your ever-changing back posture. Don't worry, let DriveLife do it's work, all you have to do is sit back and stay relaxed.

Base Material

Our engineering team took several years of designing new ways to keep your back supported. DriveLife Alpha's frame was fully made of aluminum for it to last an eternity. It will look and feel as good as it did when you first invested in it!

Patented Aluminium Cable Synchro-tilt Mechanism

Made with 100% polished aluminum frame that supports abrasion resistance. The rustproof surface delivers a top quality framework of DriveLife Alpha. The back recline could adjust to different levels up to 130 degree that lets users stay comfortable in every position.

Waterfall Seat

Our team designed a waterfall shaped seat edge for the perfect ergonomic experience. Waterfall shape partnered with patented foam to deliver your lower body the most comfortable long-sitting exposure.